100 Megawatt Capacity Comparison Primer


Solar Photovoltaic

The Nyngan Solar farm is owned and operated by AGL, Australia’s largest energy company. It was constructed by First Solar (USA).

Capacity credit is based on AEMO analysis of NSW rooftop solar generation.

(Lifespan.) (Output, capacity factor, cost, area, construction time.)(A month from Aneroid.)


Stage 1 of the Snowtown wind farm was built by Suzlon (India) and is owned and operated by Trustpower (New Zealand).

Its annual capacity factor is substantially higher than the average for South Australia.

(Capacity credit.)(Output, capacity factor, area.)(Cost.)(A month from Aneroid.)

High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor

The Shidaowan HTR-PM demonstration plant – for which the HTR-10 shown above is the prototype – is being built by the state-owned China Huaneng Group. Cost is derived from that reported for the twin-unit plant – in practice, two reactors will power one turbogenerator of about 210 megawatts and can be ramped for load following operation. The design precludes all concerns of loss-of-coolant accident scenarios.


More details on the inherent safety and security of this nuclear reactor design are here. Technical paper here. Availability factor used for capacity factor. China intends to export the design to Saudi Arabia.

(As the commercial operation of a nuclear plant assures full output at practically every period of high demand, capacity credit does not apply.)