Pandora’s Promise

So I got to see Oliver Stone’s Pandora’s Promise

It looks great, and it lets the sober facts speak for themselves. I encourage you to see it.

An anti-nuclear environmentalist is featured briefly in it, and he took issue with some of the content

A really cynical mind might hear him rejecting the UNSCEAR and other agencies’ assessments of very few deaths directly caused by Chernobyl (instead insisting such mortality was in the thousands) and conclude he wants to believe more people died to bolster his anti-nuclear stance. I’m sure he’s not meaning to do that.

But his ilk need to understand and ultimately accept that this new generation of atomic proponents, as well as outspoken younger nuclear professionals is not going to go away, and will just keep educating the rest of us with the facts and benefits, the potential and promise.

The opponents will continue repeating their exaggerations and outdated misinformation. We’ll see how long they can keep that up.



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