160 Character Challenge


I like to think I pack a fair amount of challenge into my twitter bio, but as always it’s important to support that which one asserts.

How many degress of warming?

Karecha and Hansen used published statistical data on global greenhouse gas emmission and deaths due to uncontained fossil fuel pollution to estimate the CO2 abatement and lives saved by extant nuclear power. The results received no commercial media attention, as if they weren’t leading researchers in their field.

How many millions of acres?

This is an official UK government graphic, apparently retracted due to pressure from renewable associations. There are any number of studies that include stark comparisons in land area use. Here’s a recent, rather topical one.

How many deaths per terawatt hour?

Next Big Future‘s uncompromising slam dunk of a comparison, which never fails to leave anything-but-nuclear ideologues desperate to shift goal posts or call ‘fallacy‘, because to appreciate the stark statistics is to admit they are arguing for forms of generation which will likely result, on average, in more deaths.

How much drought?

This schematic represents an existing desalination method that could work with merely the waste heat from nuclear reactors rather than relying on electrical power. Many places on Earth including Australia will face worsening droughts from intensifying agriculture and a changing climate. Desalination capacity must be established in preparation, but powering it with fossil fuels is fundamentally counter-productive, and with renewables entirely impractical.

Ask yourself what it’s worth to you to avoid considering modern nuclear power.


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