The 2014 Energy White Paper

Thank you, ANSTO. Thank you, Dr Paterson.

Several developing countries and emerging economies, in particular in the Asia Pacific region, are looking to nuclear power as a solution to their energy supply and security concerns. Of the 34 OECD countries, 18 operate nuclear power reactors. Of the remaining 16 countries, 12 are importing electricity from neighbouring nuclear countries to provide electricity and stability to their grids. Of the remaining four, Iceland predominately uses geothermal power, and New Zealand generates most of its power in the form of hydro-electricity. Israel’s geographic location has, to date, precluded the use of nuclear power. Australia is the only other OECD country that does not have an alternative, base-load low cost, low emission energy source, and has policy settings that exclude nuclear power.

Energy optionality based on technology neutral policy settings must be maximised if Australia’s energy security and future economic competitiveness needs are to be met. Nuclear energy meets all the requirements for energy security by providing an adequate, affordable and reliable energy supply.



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