Blue is rational.

Blue is reasonable.

Blue is from First Principles.


Whatever our fate, the Earth will remain

Whether it is Raleigh scattering through our precious atmosphere or the mesmerising Cherenkov glow of a nuclear fuel cell at criticality, blue is more than natural.

It is the synergy of nature and civilised humanity. It is the spark of ambition, improvement, perserverence and resilience. It is about being both environmentally, and arithmetically aware.

If green is conservative environmentalism, then blue is progressive environmentalism.

I propose blue to be the official colour of meliorism in this unprecedented human era.

Blue is the colour of calm. The calm of honest challenge towards opponents but more importantly towards ourselves. Convince us we are wrong, as only then can we become better.

As we face scientifically defined global challenges, we already have both the determination to act and the technology to succeed. If we fear anything, it is failing all those people who never even had the chance – or choice – to try.

Ecomodernists have done their homework, but don’t expect to graduate until we’re truly on the path to energy-abundant decarbonisation. The world for future humans will already be altered: the best we can do is to make it blue.



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