Greenjacked! – Unsolicited, Sincere Promotion



I have met Geoff. He’s an observant, focused man, and he is careful to make his explanations clear and provoking. When I saw his book was released, I read it quickly – not to reinforce my own conclusions about climate change, energy and radiation, but to know what I wanted to help promote would be of high value.

Greenjacked! is for both the casually concerned and for environmentalists who maintain the traditional aversion to nuclear energy. At the same time, it is a handy resource for nuclear advocates, with abundant links, references and charts that don’t get overly technical. I expect there will be some who will read it and refuse to reexamine their opposition… I just really don’t know how.

The Greens, and other environment groups, must shake off their irrational anti-nuclear fear, and stop preventing effective climate action. Otherwise, their only legacy to the planet, will be 6 degrees of warming; or more!

Above all, if you are passionate about the environment, if you are a Greens member, if you help one of our traditional environmental NGOs… spend a few bucks, put aside a couple of hours and read Greenjacked! Then have a good think.


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