The Bright Side

How many times has the media’s fixation on calamity been bemoaned when it comes to accurate reporting about nuclear energy? Sure, you haven’t heard much about Fukushima contamination recently, or the “perilous” transfer of fuel assemblies. But the media spectacle of a triple meltdown certainly outshone the natural disaster and its unspeakable human toll at the time and well after professional evaluation concluded  there’d be no radiation deaths.

So I’d like to highlight Today’s recent visit to ANSTO’s OPAL facility – a refreshing, positive view of Australia’s nuclear work. Bravo, I say!

Is it telling that the majority of the segment is routine market report and analysis of the everyday concerns of petrol price rises? All while Mr Greenwood stands little more than 13 metres from a 25 kg core of low enriched uranium, shielded by water.

Meanwhile, another common gripe is the reluctance of nuclear-supplied power companies and technology vendors to effectively market their product. I like to think that’s also changing.


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