6 thoughts on “We Must Use All Available Technologies

  1. Comment moderated through for interest’s sake, without endorsement.

    I agree: We must use all available technologies. Before nuclear energy can be developed and used, we need to first address misinformation inserted into the very foundations of textbook knowledge of nuclear and solar energy in 1945:

    Unreported events in Aug-Sept 1945 frightened world leaders into forming the UN in Oct 1945 and forbidding public knowledge of the energy that destroyed Hiroshima:

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR.pdf

    Thus began the scandalous 70-year fantasy (1945-2015) of Green Energy:

    Click to access Sequel.pdf

  2. I might be a little late, but I just read this post today and have to state that I agree and disagree. There is a needed mix for energy and it includes fossil from my perspective. I struggle to understand why everyone wants to throw coal under the bus. If we change the way we look at coal, it too can be a clean energy source. If we extract the electrons from the coal instead of burning it, we can generate twice the electricity with half the coal and manage the waste without it ever getting release into the atmosphere. The concept is called Direct Coal Fuel Cells and LLNL has demonstrated this several years back now. Why no one is interested in this solution stuns me just like the MSR overlook. Nature gas and oil can also be used as a source for this process and it already comes with an existing infrastructure.

    • Thanks Martin.

      That’s a technology I keep meaning to look in to. Coal (responsibly extracted) seems like it could remain a convenient energy source if used as you describe, or processed in to liquid fuels, as well as for chemical feedstocks – all of which do not necessitate carbon emissions if the right technology is adopted.

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