Everyone knows now.

Just briefly, since it’s really hot here in SA right now…


Baseload and air conditioning demand currently being met by coal (21%), gas (56%), wind (8%) and solar (15%).

Greenpeace knows only one song: nuclear waste is disastrously risky.

Its discordant verses rely entirely on allusions and exaggerations to let their malinformed adherents invent the worst case scenarios in their own minds. If there were a single case of routine shipment and storage of processed nuclear waste from civilian reactors harming anyone anywhere, wouldn’t it be their title and chorus?

Coming as no surprise to everyone else:


As if an atonal final chord was needed, on the same day that we see this record low turnout to protest everything nuclear, witness the latest natural gas explosion at the Anadarko plant in Texas. Fortunately no one was killed this time, but whatever, it’s not nuclear, right?



One thought on “Everyone knows now.

  1. That was decent of Greenpeace to ride shotgun on the stagecoach from Pt Kembla to Lucas Heights. You sometimes wonder if they get a kick out of it. What happens when that big shed is full?

    Is it possible to tell how much SA coal power is from the soon-to-be-retired Pt Augusta plant as opposed to imports? For the foreseeable future it seems SA, Vic and Tas will be utterly dependent upon burning lignite unless they want to pay 3X more for gas power.

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