Commenting Rules

Everyone is welcome to comment and reply at The Actinide Age, but extended experience of the internet informs the following guidelines on posting:

  • Quotes are encouraged. Quoting out of context is seriously discouraged.
  • Stay on topic, or topics. Respect yourself as a contributor, as well as others: if you choose to respond to personal comments then address every point raised, even if it is to call it off-topic.
  • Avoid being a Queen Bee.
  • YAWYW: If you don’t bother to contribute legibly and respectably, with grammar and punctuation, no one should feel obliged to reply.
  • Though sharing it is encouraged, you’re not entitled to your opinion.
  • That being said, we all have our cognitive biases, just try not to let it become cognitive dissonance. The trick is to be bias-aware!
  • If thou dare committeth logical fallacies, please identify them yourself before anyone else has to.
  • Godwin’s Law and its corollaries apply. Of course, it doesn’t have to be Hitler or Nazis… let’s just avoid reducing the discussion to absurdity.
  • [citation needed] – just assume that someone is going to ask you to support that claim you just posted. Be sure that your source is actual evidence for your claim too.

2 thoughts on “Commenting Rules

  1. Welcome to the rational blogging community. In addition to my Fukushima Updates and Commentary blogs, you might be interested in Will Davis’ Atomic Power Review, Yes Vermont Yankee, Nuke power Talk, ANS Nuclear Café, Next Big Future, and Jim Conca’s work in Forbes. Once again…welcome.

    • Thank you, Mr Corrice. I’m actually just reading Kimin, which should be compulsory reading for anyone who feels the urge to cite “Fukushima” as antinuclear evidence. I’ve been a Japanophile for decades, hosted an exchange student, visited Honshuu and Hokkaido, and have a best mate living in Saitama. During the 2011 disaster, it was disgusting how rapidly the evacuees were forgotten – and I was still nuclear-ambivalent then! Your book sheds some much needed light on the matter. Hopefully 2014 sees plants like Onagawa restarted. Thanks for the recommendations and please keep up the good work!

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