Watch Indonesia. Its nuclear energy sector is heavily pregnant. Polls show remarkable popularity for the technology. Its regulator, BATAN, has been talking to Japan and Russia about prototype reactors.

What will a nuclear Indonesia mean for Australia? I suspect a broad segment of our country will have great difficulty with the prospect. Further, if we are not at least paralleling their development in the next few years, things could get awkward.

It was in this framing that an anti-nuclear tweeter quite politely suggested I access a collection of nuclear-critical videos. I politely accepted. And I have to say, the documentary about the fallout from the British weapon tests at Monte Bello Island and Maralinga is fascinating. It really helps with understanding the deep concern about contamination, particularly from radiostrontium.

This is important nuclear history for us. Is it applicable to the potential for safe modern energy production? No. Furthermore, using it to perpetuate fear over knowledge is a fundamental part of the stale narrative who’s time has passed. The peoples of Maralinga have certainly tried to move on Following a link to “helpful nuclear information sites” gives:

and a few other sites which maintain an overarching theme – they do not engage with the professionals in the scientific field that they want rejected.

So, would this film festival screen something that challenges its narrative, like Sundance did?

If not, how is it really different to an anti-vaccination convention, highlighting the faltering steps of early polio immunisation and perpetuating thiomersal fears, and neglecting to invite any conventional  immunologists to present a differing view?


Mother Jones, 1976; and in 2015. This needs to speed up a bit.


2 thoughts on “Videology

  1. I think we need more A-bombs. With 20 years both Montebello and Maralinga proved to have huge energy resources nearby. Montebello is in the Gorgon gas field. A crater has become a nesting site for the endangered hawksbill turtle but is safe from human predators due to radiophobia. Olympic Dam the world’s biggest uranium deposit is on the edge of the Woomera probited area that includes Maralinga. OD supports the nearby desert conservation park for endangered bilbies. The A- bombs were both pointers to buried treasure and helpers for rare fauna conservation.

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